BTG is a 2-day conference focused on making connections.  This meeting was birthed from many conversations with health care providers, hospital administrators and executives/sales teams in the spine industry that identified many gaps in our communication and relationships with one another.
The result of these conversations has identified a problem with our current culture of medicine: there is fractured delivery of care to our patients and perhaps more importantly the care we provide to ourselves.


The leaders of this conference believe that the solution to this problem is relationship and communication.  This 2-day experience is designed to initiate good habits, fuel positive relationships, and provide opportunity to improve our communication skills.

Dr. Gregory M. Mundis Jr., a professor of orthopedic spine surgery, an avid cyclist, and physician health enthusiast will share about the current state of affairs in the personal care of the surgeon. What are the current obstacles health care providers face that makes taking care of ourselves so difficult. While the focus will be on the surgeon the principles of this session will be broadly applicable to hospital administrators and executive alike.

Dr. Denise Walt, a well-known Psychiatrist, will share about the stress of spine surgery and lead discussion on how we can engage in more emotionally healthy lives. Dr. Walt is uniquely positioned to discuss this topic as her spouse is a busy spine surgeon at RUSH University in Chicago, IL.

Amer Kaissi, PhD, author of Humbitious, will usher us into a session that challenges us to lead in a counterculture manner. Health care is full of big personalities, conflicting interests, and big egos. Dr. Kaissi will share his research on the power of low ego and high drive leadership.

Dr. Marinus de Kleuver practices complex spine surgery in the Netherlands and will share with us the power of building teams. The operating room is a unique environment for team building as there is a very clear unifying goal of patient care, however, most of the team members are not employed by the leader in the room, the surgeon. He will share practical applications of team building in environments that are not homogenous.

Dr. Adam Kanter has had a prolific career at UPMC and recently moved to Southern California to join Hoag Hospital to lead their Neurosurgical spine division. Over the last 2 years Dr. Kanter has decided to pursue his MBA and will challenge us to keep growing in our profession, and to pursue our passions, as a means of pursuing wellness in our lives.

Dr. Carrie Cunningham, a former professional tennis player, and now an associate professor of surgery at Harvard medical school, has recently been very vocal about physician wellness and her mental health journey. Physician’s and executives are prone to mental health disorders including suicide, and Dr. Cunningham will share her experience in the field and paths to recovery and avoidance.

Bryan Reeves will be focusing on one of the key elements to successfully building teams and leading well, relationship. Bryan is a world class relationship coach the extensive experience in helping people find meaningful relationships, repair broken ones and strengthen existing relationships.

Melinda Rothouse will round out the morning by talking about Fostering a Culture of Creativity and Innovation. This interactive presentation explores best practices for cultivating mindful leadership and fostering organizational innovation. Drawn from her doctoral research and two books on creativity and innovation, Melinda Rothouse shares contemporary research on team creativity and collaboration, along with a mindfulness-based model for creating a culture of innovation.


To accomplish this the contents of this conference, provide stimulating didactic sessions with open discussion to help us LEARN. Relationship, however, does not happen in the lecture hall but rather in a social environment. Physical activity in groups has been shown to foster relationship and provides opportunity for open dialogue, exchange of ideas, and for individual growth.


BTG has intentionally positioned itself in beautiful Carlsbad, CA to allow for PLAY to occur in many forms including a golf tournament on Friday July 19th, or you may choose to play pickleball, tennis, go for a walk on the beach or on the beautiful grounds of the Park Hyatt.


Finally, we have planned an evening Gala on Saturday July 20th to round out the weekend.  So why a Gala? Having a common goal, sharing a unified vision, and seeing firsthand the success of collaboration is the ultimate expression of relationship and communication.  The Gala provides the opportunity to GIVE to a cause greater than ourselves and this year we are partnering with Global Spine Outreach ( to raise awareness and financial support for children all over the world who need but cannot afford or have access to life sparing spine surgery.


Check the program for this year’s conference and learn about the sessions in store.


Park Hyatt Aviara, Carlsbad, CA


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